The App Store or Android Marketplace, Which Is Better?

Competition is continually heating up between Apple and Google, even if both have worked together on past projects. The two Silicon Valley giants have collaborated previously on different projects including the Google maps app running on Apple’s iPhones and iPod Touches.Then Apple has faced criticism for its knockback of third-party Google Voice iPhone application and also, the official 2008 Google Voice app developed by Google.

Now competition is still at large between Apple and Google via versions of each of their app stores. One of the strongest rival for Apple’s Apps Store is Google ‘s Android Marketplace.

Comparing the two, I would say it’s a draw. Either one of the two app stores, have their share of benefits and drawbacks. The overarching difference however, is that Apple controls every single aspect of their app stores. You can’t get an app into the Application Store even if usroid you spend millions of dollars on development. They have to accept you first, and even if you are in, they can still yank you out.

In comparison, Google’s Android Marketplace is much more loose. Anybody can put their app at the Marketplace. Google App Store just lets things go and flow, that finding what you need is a bit of a challenge. Anything can be put on there so there are some that I find rather questionable, rubbish apps.

With regards to the Apple Apps Store, there are a lot of apps there that are not recommendable for anyone to use. Now even though Google is more lenient in screening out their apps, they still have the power to eliminate apps from the Android Marketplace, same as with Apple’s Application Store, just more “open”. They may shut an item or an app developer down though.

There is no quality control in the Android Marketplace and yet there are a lot of cool apps in the it. Yes, there are apps available in both Google Android and Apple Apps Store that are sometimes designed and created by the same team.

Regarding design, I like it that the Google Android specifically the Google platform allows you to download and sets it in the background so you can download another and simultaneously. I also love the fact that before you install an Android app, you get the list of all the features of a particular application. In contrast with the installation process of iPhone Apps, when you install an application, when you click to download, it takes you back to the home screen which requires more effort if you want to download another app.


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