Giving Your Husky Puppy the Proper Care

The birth of a husky puppy often brings great joy into the family. This lively and mild-tempered dog simply makes a great family pet. As in the case of dogs of various breeds, husky puppies require proper care in order to grow healthily into adults. Negligence or improper care would often lead to poor health and in extreme cases, death. We provide you with some tips on giving your husky puppy the proper careproper.

Perhaps one of the most important things you should note about giving your husky puppy the proper care would be to take it for regular checkups at your local vet. Regular, scheduled checkups are necessary for the healthy development of husky puppies. Your vet would be able to provide you with valuable advice on raising your husky puppy into a healthy adult such as providing you suggestions on how to modify your husky puppy’s diet for the better. Also, regular checkups provide a form of prevention against any diseases that may be contracted by the husky puppy. As in all cases, dog-related illnesses are best cured if detected at an early stage.

Husky puppies also require a healthy, well-balanced diet. The first thing to note in this case would be to watch out for overfeeding. Overfeeding and corresponding lack of exercise is often the cause of obesity amongst husky puppies. Instead, choose a well-balanced diet which should ideally consist of fish and white meat. Freshly prepared dog food is also preferable as compared to commercially available ones. For your husky puppies, remember to cut food into small pieces to aid the process of chewing and digestion. Husky puppies also need fish oil in their diet in order to develop a healthy coat of fur and nails. This could take the form of canned sardines which are known to contain substantial amounts of Omega 3.

The husky is a dog that thrives on companionship. Leave them alone and you will find your furniture wrecked or your garden filled with portholes. You could get a companion for your husky puppy by either choosing another husky puppy or another animal such as a cat. In any case, it would be ideal to introduce this companion to your husky puppy at a young age in order to improve familiarization. Generally, huskies are mild tempered dogs and would usually be able to get along well with other pets around your house.

You should also give your husky puppy sufficient exercise. After all huskies are lively dogs and require lots of wide open space and fresh air. Exercise could take the form of a simple walk around the park, or even a game of “tag” or with a Frisbee for the more active at heart. Insufficient exercise would often lead to obesity as well as other health-related problems. Moreover, exercise is a great way to building up good owner-pet relations. It makes your husky grow more affectionate and attached to you.

It is important to make the effort to provide your husky puppies with the necessary care. Ability to do so will guarantee healthy growth of your husky puppy in time to come as well as many years of satisfaction in the future.

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